Bell Pepper RECIPES

Bell peppers, also known as sweet peppers, are a versatile vegetable commonly used in a variety of dishes. With their crisp texture and mild, sweet flavor, bell peppers come in a range of vibrant colors including green, red, orange, and yellow, making them both delicious and visually appealing in any recipe.
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Greek Salad
5 from 1 vote
Let me dive right into the symphony of flavours that is the Greek...
Tortilla Pizza
5 from 3 votes
Picture this: it’s been a long day, and you’re starved, but all you...
Spicy Potatoes
5 from 8 votes
The recipe I’m about to share, the vivacious Spicy Potatoes, is a culinary...
Potato and Spinach
5 from 6 votes
When I think about my Potato and Spinach recipe, I’m immediately transported back...
Stuffed Bell Peppers
5 from 4 votes
Right in the first bite of my take on the Stuffed Bell Peppers,...
Vegetable Pasta Bake
5 from 1 vote
The Vegetable Pasta Bake, an enthralling fusion of Italian cuisine’s comfort and the...
Chicken Panini
5 from 15 votes
Let me introduce you to a classic dish that has never failed to...
Vegetable Karahi
5 from 4 votes
In the vibrant world of Pakistani cuisine, a standout dish that has grown...
Pasta Salad
5 from 1 vote
This pasta salad recipe is a great summer salad that is also very...
Vegetable Spring Rolls
5 from 8 votes
Vegetable spring rolls are popular appetisers in Chinese and Southeast Asian cuisine. Each...
Chicken Manchurian
5 from 13 votes
This chicken manchurian recipe is a very popular Indo-Chinese dish. Crispy fried chicken...
Chicken Rogan Josh
5 from 51 votes
For busy weeknights, make this delicious chicken rogan josh recipe prepared in the...
Chicken Spaghetti
5 from 6 votes
A delicious spaghetti recipe made with homemade tomato sauce and chicken. Made in...
Tandoori Leg of Lamb
5 from 61 votes
This show-stopping Indian roast lamb leg dish makes an excellent centrepiece for any...
Capsicum Curry
5 from 6 votes
An easy vegetarian curry with a spiced tomato gravy is best served with...
Chicken Loaded Fries
4.95 from 20 votes
These chicken-loaded fries are guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser. Crisp French fries loaded...
Vegetable Curry
5 from 229 votes
An easy vegetable curry that is loaded with veggies and spices to make...
Tuna Pasta Bake
5 from 6 votes
Tuna pasta bake is the perfect dinner meal that everyone at the table...