Explore the true flavours of India and Pakistan with my recipes. Add a bit of spice and fragrance to your dishes with these flavour-packed dishes to jazz up any Indian buffet. From spicy starters to refreshing desserts.

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Calories Per Serving
27 kcal614 kcal
Cooking Time (mins)
7 mins255 mins
30 mins
389 kcal
5 from 5 votes
This simple and delicious paratha recipe goes perfectly with a hot cup...
45 mins
224 kcal
Lentil Soup
5 from 3 votes
The perfect lentil soup recipe that only requires a few ingredients. There...
45 mins
342 kcal
Chicken Vindaloo
5 from 6 votes
The restaurant's chicken vindaloo is far too frequently characterised...


40 mins
373 kcal
Chicken Korma
5 from 3 votes
This chicken korma, is prepared with coconut powder, yoghurt, and double cream...
10 mins
332 kcal
Tomato Omelette
5 from 3 votes
Breakfast is one of those meals that people often have a habit of...
50 mins
437 kcal
Chicken Rogan Josh
5 from 14 votes
For busy weeknights, make this delicious chicken rogan josh recipe prepared in the...
45 mins
221 kcal
Jeera Rice
5 from 5 votes
Cumin seeds are also known as jeera. That is where you get the...
40 mins
465 kcal
Keema Curry
5 from 56 votes
My absolute favourite Indian meal is this keema curry dish. I can assure...
50 mins
403 kcal
Moong Dal
5 from 4 votes
This moong dal recipe is a simple lentil curry made using split green...
30 mins
194 kcal
Potato and Spinach
5 from 2 votes
I will show you how to make a delicious potato and spinach recipe...
60 mins
211 kcal
Turnip Curry
5 from 2 votes
Here’s a fantastic vegan curry that’s full of aromatic ingredients. If you don’t...
30 mins
195 kcal
Spicy Potato
5 from 4 votes
Love potatoes? Then this twist on fried potatoes is for you. Forget the...
10 mins
91 kcal
Sweetcorn Chaat
5 from 2 votes
This sweetcorn chaat recipe is a spicy, tangy, and savoury snack...
100 mins
391 kcal
Tandoori Chicken
5 from 9 votes
This tandoori chicken recipe is a classic Indian recipe that will give you...
25 mins
293 kcal
Chana Chaat
5 from 8 votes
With so many variations of chaat out there this aloo chana chaat recipe...
65 mins
417 kcal
Aloo Pulao
5 from 3 votes
This one-pot flavoured aloo pulao rice recipe is a delicious dish made of...
60 mins
290 kcal
Chicken Tikka
5 from 16 votes
This chicken tikka recipe is a fantastic way to spice up your chicken....
80 mins
367 kcal
Palak Gosht
5 from 14 votes
Palak gosht is a popular curry made with lamb in a spicy spinach...