Chicken Panini
Chicken Panini
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Savour the classic Chicken Panini, packed with succulent chicken, zesty flavours, and melted mozzarella. This popular sandwich, while simple to create, offers a world of taste in every bite, making it perfect for a quick lunch or a satisfying dinner.
Chicken Panini

Let me introduce you to a classic dish that has never failed to brighten my day: the Chicken Panini. We’re about to embark on a culinary journey that promises the satisfaction of both your taste buds and your appetite. 

This divine sandwich hails from Italy, specifically from the Lombardy region, where the term ‘Panini’ originates, meaning small bread rolls. With its roots deep in Italian culinary tradition, the Panini sandwich, much like other beloved Italian staples such as pasta and pizza, has made its way into international kitchens, carving its own niche in the culinary world. 

The beauty of the Chicken Panini lies in its versatility and simplicity. This isn’t some fancy dish requiring high culinary prowess or speciality ingredients that you’ll need to scour the city for.  

No, dear friends, it’s quite the opposite. The Chicken Panini is a straightforward, delectable sandwich that anyone can tackle, making it perfect for both kitchen rookies and experienced cooks. 

The balance of flavours is crucial when creating the perfect Chicken Panini. The tender chicken, marinated with a blend of spices like paprika, cumin, black pepper, and a hint of garlic paste, adds depth and excitement to the palate.  

The rich creaminess of the mayonnaise, the tangy punch of the tomato ketchup, and the zingy aroma of onion and bell pepper, all come together harmoniously, creating a myriad of tastes that will have you reaching for another bite before you’ve even finished the first. 

Let’s not forget the star of the show, though – the bread. Authentic Panini bread, with its distinctive crumb structure, forms the perfect vessel for all these tasty ingredients.  

The Panini bread is hearty enough to hold the filling without crumbling, yet soft enough to allow the flavours to seep into the bread, ensuring each bite is as delicious as the last. 

If you’ve ever been intimidated by the idea of making your own Chicken Panini, let me reassure you – it’s not as daunting as it seems!  

It’s a simple process of marination, sautéing, assembling, and grilling. The end result? A mouth-watering, golden-brown Chicken Panini, with the cheese, melted to perfection, ready to be devoured. 

Now, I know I’ve made this sound relatively easy, and trust me, it is! But it doesn’t mean it’s not without its fair share of excitement.  

The thrill of tossing together the marinated chicken and veggies, the anticipation as your panini grills to toasty perfection, the joy of that first bite – it’s all part of the culinary journey. And the best part? You get to enjoy a fantastic Chicken Panini at the end of it!  

So, fellow food lovers, are you ready to embrace the joy of making your own Chicken Panini? Because trust me, once you do, there’s no turning back! 

What Ingredients to Use & Why 

Before we dive into the delightful anatomy of the Chicken Panini recipe, it’s essential to understand that the right mix of ingredients is what makes this dish flavourful and satisfying.  

Each ingredient has been chosen to provide balance – the right combination of flavours and textures to create a gratifying and nutritious meal. So, let’s take a look at these ingredients one by one and understand why they’re perfect for this Chicken Panini. 

Panini Breads: The base of our dish, panini bread, holds all the flavoursome ingredients together. They’re known for their ability to get delightfully crispy on the outside, while still remaining soft on the inside.  

This contrast in textures forms the perfect canvas for the filling. If you can’t find panini bread, ciabatta or any hearty bread that can withstand grilling will be a great substitute. 

Chicken Boneless: Chicken is the primary protein in this recipe. It’s lean, packed with protein, and has a mild flavour that marries well with a variety of seasonings.  

Boneless pieces are used because they cook quickly and evenly, and are easier to eat in a sandwich format. Turkey or tofu can be an alternative if you’re looking for something different. 

Mozzarella Cheese: The role of mozzarella cheese is to add a creamy, melty texture that pairs so well with crispy bread and cooked chicken. It also provides a delightful stringiness to every bite. If mozzarella isn’t available, you could try other melting cheeses such as cheddar or gouda. 

Oil: This serves as our cooking medium, providing a non-stick surface for our ingredients to cook without burning. It also helps to crisp up the panini on the outside. If you prefer, olive oil could be used for its distinctive flavour and health benefits. 

Onion & Bell Pepper: These two work together to give an additional layer of texture and sweetness to the panini. They complement the chicken and add a crunch, providing a more complex texture profile. You could try using other vegetables like mushrooms or zucchini for a different taste. 

Tomato Puree, Mayonnaise, & Tomato Ketchup: These are the condiments that help bind the filling and give it a tangy, creamy, and sweet flavour respectively.  

They create a balanced flavour profile and enhance the overall taste of the sandwich. Mustard or relish could be alternatives if you’re looking to experiment with the flavour. 

Marination Spices: These spices are essential in marinating the chicken, imparting it with a depth of flavour. Each spice plays a role, from the heat of the black pepper and chili sauce to the smokiness of the cumin and paprika, the umami of the soy sauce, and the allium punch from the garlic paste.  

If you’d like, you can play around with the spices, perhaps adding a hint of turmeric or coriander for a different flavour profile. 

The perfect chicken panini doesn’t simply happen by chance. It’s the product of careful consideration and combination of ingredients that each play a significant role.  

From the hearty bread to the marinated chicken, creamy cheese, crunchy vegetables, and the medley of condiments, each ingredient adds its unique touch to the final dish.  

This is why understanding your ingredients is so important in cooking – it allows you to maximize flavours and make every meal truly delectable. 

Choosing the Best Bread for Your Chicken Panini  

When I think about crafting the perfect chicken panini, one of the first things that come to my mind is the choice of bread. The type of bread you choose can make a significant difference in the overall taste and texture of your sandwich. 

From my experience, panini bread plays a crucial role in holding all the ingredients together, providing a slightly crispy texture on the outside while maintaining a soft interior.  

Panini bread is commonly available in bakeries and supermarkets. It’s renowned for its crusty exterior and soft, airy inside which beautifully absorbs the flavours of the filling, making it an ideal choice for a chicken panini. 

However, if I can’t get my hands on panini bread, I often resort to other types of bread such as ciabatta, baguette, or sourdough. Ciabatta is an Italian white bread, known for its hard exterior and soft, porous interior.  

It’s excellent for paninis as it soaks up the sauces and marinades well. Baguette, with its long and narrow shape, is also a popular choice.  

It’s crispy on the outside and has a light, airy crumb on the inside. Lastly, sourdough, with its tangy flavour and chewy texture, provides a delicious contrast to the savoury chicken filling. 

Regardless of the type of bread chosen, I find that the most crucial factor is the freshness of the bread. Freshly baked bread has an irresistible aroma and a soft, fluffy interior, which significantly elevates the overall flavour of the panini. 

While panini bread is my go-to choice for making a chicken panini, other types of bread such as ciabatta, baguette, and sourdough make excellent substitutes. Each bread brings its unique taste and texture to the table, complementing the chicken filling and adding a touch of variety to your chicken panini experience. 

The Art of Marinating Chicken for a Panini 

Marination is an essential step when I’m making a chicken panini. It’s the process that imparts flavour to the chicken, making each bite a flavourful delight. Here’s how I go about marinating chicken for my panini. 

Firstly, I cut the boneless chicken into small, bite-sized chunks. Smaller pieces of chicken tend to marinate more evenly and cook faster, enhancing the overall taste and texture of the panini. 

Once I have my chicken cut, I mix together the marinade. My favourite marinade for chicken panini includes a combination of salt, black pepper, paprika, cumin powder, garlic paste, soy sauce, and chilli sauce.  

The salt and soy sauce work together to deepen the flavour, while the garlic paste, cumin, and paprika add a spicy, smoky flavour that beautifully complements the chicken. Lastly, the chilli sauce provides a dash of heat, making each bite exciting. 

I make sure to coat each piece of chicken evenly in the marinade. Once everything is well mixed, I cover the bowl and let it sit for at least an hour. This waiting period allows the chicken to absorb the flavours of the marinade.  

If I have extra time, I prefer marinating the chicken overnight in the fridge. The longer marination time results in a more intense flavour. 

After marinating, I cook the chicken on medium heat until it changes colour. Cooking the chicken at medium heat ensures it cooks evenly without drying out, retaining its juiciness and flavour. 

Marinating the chicken for a panini is an essential step that should not be overlooked. The right marinade can significantly enhance the flavour of your chicken, turning your panini from good to great. Remember, the longer the marination, the richer the flavour! 

Making a Chicken Panini Without a Grill Pan 

Crafting the perfect chicken panini doesn’t always require a grill pan. I’ve discovered that you can make a delightful, toasty panini even without one. Here’s how I make my chicken paninis when a grill pan is not within reach. 

Firstly, I prepare my chicken panini as usual – layering my seasoned chicken, sliced onions, bell pepper, and a generous amount of mozzarella cheese between two slices of panini bread.  

I love adding a slather of tomato ketchup and mayonnaise for that extra zing. Once my sandwich is assembled, I move on to the grilling part. 

Instead of a grill pan, I use a regular non-stick frying pan or a cast-iron skillet. I add a little oil and heat it over medium heat. Then, I place the assembled panini onto the heated pan. The key to getting a well-toasted panini is applying pressure as it cooks.  

I often use a smaller, heavy pan or a spatula to press down on the panini. This pressure not only helps to grill the bread evenly but also melts the cheese beautifully. 

I grill each side for about 2-3 minutes or until it’s lightly charred and crispy. If I’m using a heavier pan to press, I make sure to flip the sandwich halfway through to ensure an evenly grilled finish on both sides. 

By using this method, I can easily recreate the classic panini grill marks and crispy texture. So, even without a grill pan, I find that I can enjoy a delicious, restaurant-style chicken panini right at home.  

Remember, it’s all about creativity in the kitchen, and with a little bit of that, you can always find a way to make your favourite dishes. 

Preparing Your Chicken Panini Ahead of Time  

For those days when I know I’ll be short on time, preparing my chicken panini ahead of time has been a lifesaver. This method not only saves time during busy hours, but it also allows the flavours to meld together, creating a tastier sandwich. 

Firstly, I marinate the chicken in advance, as the chicken can absorb more flavours the longer it marinates. I prepare the marinade the night before, let the chicken soak up all the flavours overnight in the refrigerator, and it’s ready to cook the next day. 

Next, I chop my vegetables – the onions and bell pepper – and store them in airtight containers in the refrigerator. By doing this, I cut down on my prep time significantly. 

When it comes to the actual assembly of the sandwich, I’ve found that preparing it ahead of time can lead to a soggy panini if not done right. Therefore, I prepare my panini just before grilling.  

I can do this hour before if I keep a few things in mind. I avoid adding any wet ingredients like tomato ketchup and mayonnaise until the last moment, right before grilling. 

The panini, once assembled without the wet ingredients, can be wrapped in plastic wrap and stored in the refrigerator. When it’s time to eat, I add my condiments, grill my sandwich and voila – my delicious chicken panini is ready in no time! 

This method of preparation ahead of time has saved me on numerous occasions and has resulted in a delicious, flavourful chicken panini. So, the next time you know you’ll be running short on time, try prepping your chicken panini in advance! 

Discovering Meat Substitutes for a Chicken Panini  

As much as I love a classic chicken panini, there are times when I feel like experimenting with different proteins. Over the years, I’ve discovered several meat substitutes that work wonderfully in a panini. 

One of my go-to alternatives is turkey. It’s lean, flavourful, and can easily be marinated and cooked in the same way as the chicken. I particularly enjoy the slightly different taste and texture that turkey brings to my panini. Plus, it’s an excellent choice for those looking for a lower-fat option. 

Beef, particularly thinly sliced roast beef, is another great substitute. Its rich, hearty flavour pairs well with the mozzarella cheese and bell peppers. If I’m using beef, I like to add a touch of mustard to the panini to enhance the savoury flavour. 

Of course, these are just a few examples. You could also consider alternatives like sausages, salami, or even meat-free options like grilled tofu or tempeh. The beauty of making paninis is that they are highly customizable, and you can tweak the recipe according to your preferences and dietary needs. 

Preparing a Vegetarian Version of the Chicken Panini  

Despite being a meat lover, I occasionally enjoy switching things up with a vegetarian version of my favourite chicken panini. Over time, I’ve found a few fantastic substitutes that offer a comparable texture and flavour. 

Mushrooms are my first pick when making a vegetarian panini. Their meaty texture and savoury flavour make them an excellent substitute for chicken.  

I prefer using portobello mushrooms as their size and flavour profile works best. I marinate them in the same way as the chicken, and the mushrooms soak up all the flavours wonderfully. 

Grilled tofu is another good option. It’s high in protein and provides a firm texture that stands up well in a panini. Marinating tofu can add a ton of flavour. 

It’s essential to press the tofu first to remove as much water as possible, which allows it to absorb the marinade better and become crispy when grilled. 

I’ve also experimented with grilled eggplant. When thinly sliced and grilled, eggplant takes on a smoky, savoury flavour and a satisfying texture. It pairs well with the traditional panini fillings like cheese and bell peppers. 

Even without chicken, these vegetarian versions are packed with flavour and have a satisfying, hearty texture. They are a fantastic way to enjoy a meat-free meal without compromising on taste or satisfaction.  

As always, the key to a great panini lies in the seasoning and grilling, which imparts that unmistakable flavour we all know and love. Whether you’re a vegetarian, or just trying to incorporate more plant-based meals into your diet, a vegetarian chicken panini might just be the tasty solution you’re looking for. 

The Perfect Way to Slice a Panini Bread  

When preparing my favourite chicken panini, I’ve learned that slicing the bread is an art unto itself. A well-sliced piece of bread can mean the difference between a good sandwich and a great one. Here’s how I do it. 

First, I select a fresh piece of panini bread. Freshness is key, as stale or day-old bread can crumble and won’t hold the ingredients as well. I check for a firm crust and soft, pliable interior, which are tell-tale signs of a fresh piece of bread. 

Once I’ve selected my bread, I lay it on a flat surface, ensuring it’s stable. Then, I take a serrated bread knife, which I’ve found to be the most effective tool for this task. The serrated edges make it easier to cut through the crust without squishing the bread. 

I position the knife halfway up the side of the bread and gently slice it lengthwise, using a sawing motion. It’s essential to cut slowly and carefully to ensure a clean, even slice. An uneven slice can result in an unbalanced sandwich, with one side potentially becoming more toasted than the other. 

After slicing, I end up with two even halves ready to be filled with the delicious chicken mixture and cheese. The sliced side of the bread will become the interior of the sandwich, housing all the ingredients. 

Finally, it’s time to assemble and grill the panini. In the end, it’s all about the complete experience – the textures and flavours of the filling, the crispy, grilled exterior of the bread, and the soft interior. The art of slicing panini bread is just one piece of the puzzle, but it’s a significant one. 

Side Dishes That Pair Well with a Chicken Panini  

When I serve a chicken panini, I often find myself pondering what to pair with it. The right side dish can complement the flavours of the sandwich and turn a simple meal into a well-rounded feast. Here are a few of my favourite side dishes to serve with a chicken panini. 

Firstly, you can’t go wrong with a classic side of French fries. They’re a perennial favourite for a reason. Their crispy, salty goodness pairs perfectly with the savoury flavours of the chicken panini. Plus, who can resist the satisfying crunch of a perfectly cooked fry? 

If I’m looking for a healthier option, a fresh green salad is always a good choice. The crisp, refreshing flavours of the vegetables balance the rich, hearty flavours of the panini beautifully. I usually go for a mix of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and a simple vinaigrette. 

Sometimes, I opt for a side of soup, especially on colder days. A creamy tomato soup or a hearty vegetable soup works well. The warm, comforting soup combined with the toasted panini makes for a satisfying meal. 

For a more unusual but delicious pairing, I’ve found that a side of coleslaw adds a pleasant crunch and tanginess that complements the chicken panini. The creaminess of the slaw dressing also pairs nicely with the grilled bread. 

Lastly, a simple fruit salad can be a refreshing and healthy accompaniment. The sweetness of the fruit contrasts with the savoury flavours of the sandwich, offering a pleasant palate cleanser. 

Whether you go for fries, a salad, soup, coleslaw, or fruit salad, these side dishes can add an extra dimension to your meal, making your chicken panini experience even more delightful. 

Mastering the Perfect Chicken Panini for a Crowd  

Preparing a chicken panini for a crowd can be a bit daunting. There are a few tricks I’ve learned over the years to make this process more manageable and ensure everyone gets a delicious, warm panini. Here’s how I do it. 

First and foremost, I always prep in advance. I marinate the chicken the night before, which not only saves time but also allows the flavours to penetrate deeply into the meat. I also pre-slice the onions, bell pepper, and panini bread, so they’re ready to go when I start cooking. 

When it comes to cooking the chicken, I opt for a large skillet to accommodate more meat. This way, I can cook a large amount of chicken at once, which saves time and ensures all the paninis have warm, freshly cooked chicken. 

The assembly line style works best when preparing the paninis. I lay out all the panini halves and distribute the ingredients evenly, starting with the condiments, followed by the chicken, veggies, and finally, the cheese. 

Grilling can be a bit tricky if your grill pan can’t accommodate multiple sandwiches. In such cases, I use two pans simultaneously to grill more paninis at once. Alternatively, a large griddle can also be used if available. 

And finally, to keep the paninis warm while I cook the rest, I place them in a preheated oven at a low temperature. This keeps them toasty and ensures the cheese stays melted. 

With a bit of planning and a systematic approach, preparing chicken paninis for a crowd can be a breeze. Plus, the sight of a table full of warm, grilled chicken paninis is sure to impress any gathering. 

Exploring Variations of the Chicken Panini  

One of the things I love about chicken paninis is their versatility. With a bit of imagination, you can transform the classic chicken panini into a variety of delicious variations. Here are some of my favourites. 

One of the simplest ways to switch up the classic recipe is by experimenting with different cheeses. While mozzarella is a standard choice, trying other cheeses like cheddar, provolone, or pepper jack can add a new flavour profile to your sandwich. 

Incorporating different sauces is another way to mix things up. For instance, I sometimes swap out the tomato ketchup and mayonnaise for pesto or chipotle mayo for a unique twist. Each sauce lends its own flavour, transforming the humble chicken panini into a gourmet treat. 

Switching up the veggies can also add a whole new dimension. Sliced tomatoes, spinach, or even a tangy coleslaw can make for an interesting change. Similarly, adding bacon or ham can lend a smoky, hearty flavour. 

Sometimes, I like to explore different bread options as well. While the panini bread is a classic choice, ciabatta, baguettes, or even sourdough can work wonderfully. 

And finally, for those looking for a healthier option, I’ve tried using grilled chicken breast instead of the regular boneless chicken. It’s leaner but still tasty, especially when well-marinated. 

The beauty of cooking is that you’re only limited by your imagination. Don’t be afraid to play around with the recipe and make it your own. After all, creating new and exciting flavours is what makes cooking such a joy. 

Check Out These Other Recipes 

Sometimes, after I’ve rustled up my favourite Chicken Panini, my tastebuds still crave something more. Do you feel the same way? Then allow me to share some other delicacies you might enjoy, keeping in line with our Italian cuisine theme. 

Let’s start with Cheesy Garlic Bread. Picture this: crusty Italian bread slathered with a heartwarming mixture of butter, garlic, and herbs, then generously topped with stretchy mozzarella. Doesn’t that sound like a heavenly partner to our star chicken panini? 

Next up, we have a classic Margherita Pizza. Ah, the beauty of simple things! A tangy pizza sauce spread over a perfectly crisp base, adorned with slices of fresh mozzarella, sweet ripe tomatoes, and a sprinkle of basil. A symphony of flavours that’s sure to transport you to the sun-drenched piazzas of Italy. 

Let’s not forget a plate of Chicken Spaghetti. Tender chicken pieces sautéed in a rich tomato sauce, mingling with perfectly al dente spaghetti, and topped off with a generous dusting of Parmesan. A delightful Italian classic that never fails to satisfy. 

Or perhaps you’re looking for a lighter touch? In that case, Penne Arrabiatta could be your perfect match. Al dente penne tossed in a spicy tomato sauce, flecked with garlic and chilli flakes for that fiery kick. The perfect combination of comforting pasta and exciting heat. 

And to finish off your culinary journey, let’s add a sweet note with a classic Tiramisu. Layers of coffee-soaked ladyfingers, sandwiched between blankets of creamy, mascarpone-laden delight. A heavenly dessert to complement any Italian feast. 

So, why not try these recipes out? Each dish is as rich and layered as the culture it represents, brimming with love and robust flavours. And remember, I would love to hear your thoughts about these recipes. Leave your feedback in the comments, and let’s keep our gastronomic adventure going! 

Chicken Panini

Chicken Panini

by Nabeela Kauser
Savour the classic chicken panini, packed with succulent chicken, zesty flavours, and melted mozzarella. This popular sandwich, while simple to create, offers a world of taste in every bite, making it perfect for a quick lunch or a satisfying dinner. 
5 from 17 votes
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Course Dinner, Lunch, Main Course
Cuisine Italian
Servings 5
Calories 537 kcal



  • 1 tsp Salt
  • 1 tsp Black Pepper
  • 1 tsp Paprika
  • 1 tsp Cumin Powder
  • 1 tsp Garlic Paste
  • 1 tbsp Soy Sauce
  • 1 tsp Chilli Sauce


  • Cut up the boneless chicken into small bite-sized chunks then add into a bowl along with the ingredients for marination (See Note 1).
  • In a pan heat up 1 tbsp oil on medium heat until hot then add the marinated chicken mixture
  • Cook for 6-8 minutes until the chicken has changed colour
  • As the chicken is cooking finely dice the onion and bell pepper then add into the pan and cook for a further 4-5 minutes
  • Finely dice the tomato then add into the pan along with the tomato puree and cook for another 2-3 minutes
  • Once the chicken mixture is cooked slice the panini breads lengthwise then add the tomato ketchup and mayonnaise (See Note 2).
  • Add the chicken mixture to the panini along with mozzarella cheese.
  • In a grill pan add the oil then brush evenly over the pan and allow to heat up before adding the panini then grill for 2-3 minutes on both side until lightly charred. (See Note 3)
  • Serve with a side of French fries and enjoy!



Note 1 – You can set it aside and let it marinate, the longer the chicken is left to marinade the better the flavour. However, as I was short on time, I cooked it straight away and it still tasted delicious.
Note 2 – I used mayonnaise and tomato ketchup but you can use any sauce of your preference. If you prefer, you can also add chilli sauce or even replace it with bbq sauce.
Note 3 – This recipe can easily make five paninis, or if you prefer to use less chicken then it can also make six paninis.
Nutritional facts:
The provision of nutritional information is done so merely as a courtesy and should not be taken as a guarantee.


Calories: 537kcalCarbohydrates: 48gProtein: 26gFat: 26gSaturated Fat: 8gTrans Fat: 0.1gCholesterol: 61mgSodium: 986mgPotassium: 245mgFibre: 4gSugar: 3gVitamin A: 1087IUVitamin C: 35mgVitamin D: 0.2µgCalcium: 173mgIron: 1mg
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