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Welcome to Cook with Nabeela, where I aim to provide you with attractive, easy-to-follow recipes and food instructions. Delicious, family-friendly food is what I am about. Coming from a family of fantastic cooks I am here to share my recipes that are homey, delicious and family friendly. My recipes are guaranteed to taste great, and you can trust that they work!


Born in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan and being one of the eldest children of a large family, I started cooking from an extremely young age to help my mother.

Inspired by my dad, who was a chef in the army, and my mother, who taught me how to make curries as soon as I was able to hold a knife.

As a busy mum of four, I am a firm believer in sitting the family down with a nice home-cooked meal and a chance to wind down. During the week I cook quick and simple recipes to make time for the kid’s school routines and activities saving the more complex cooking (and the baking with the help of my budding baker daughter) for the weekend.

About Cook with Nabeela

I started my YouTube channel in 2019 to share my favourite and well-loved recipes. My goal with Cook with Nabeela is for my readers and viewers to discover and fall in love with cooking just like I did. The ingredients I use are simple and easily accessible that anyone would be able to dine.

A lot of the recipes come from my mother who is the main reason for all the experiences in the kitchen. Not to mention all the practice I have in the kitchen to satisfy my husband’s palate! My motto: Anyone can cook! And I am here to help you!

  • I LOVE to make food (and eat food!)
  • This site is like my personal cookbook – every recipe on here is tried and tested food that we love to eat!
  • Being a mother of three young and VERY lively children, I have no time for any fuss, so all of my recipes are no-nonsense, easy-to-follow, and kid-friendly!
  • I run a cooking channel on YouTube for simple video tutorials to help even the basic cook.
  • I try my best to read every comment and consider every comment our readers suggest.

Fun Facts About My Hubby:

  • He used to work in a family restaurant from a young age and loved cooking and eating OBVIOUSLY.
  • He is a tech whizz and loves taking photos and editing videos.
  • He was the CEO of a mobile gaming company where he created and designed mobile games.
  • He has a bit of a sweet tooth and his favourite treat is Maltesers which he buys for all the family, but then eats them all himself!

My recipe collection continues to grow, and I hope you will find recipes that will become your new family’s favourites as well.

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