Chicken Tikka Wings
Chicken Tikka Wings
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Dive into the world of Indian-inspired appetisers with the enticing Chicken Tikka Wings recipe! A delightful blend of aromatic spices and succulent chicken wings that promises a flavourful journey in every bite.
Chicken Tikka Wings

The enchanting aroma of the Chicken Tikka Wings is no stranger to the culinary universe. Originating from the Indian subcontinent, this timeless recipe has made a name for itself, far and wide, setting hearts and taste buds alight with its potent medley of flavours.

There’s an interesting history woven into this dish. Traditionally, tikka recipes involved small pieces of meat marinated in aromatic spices, and then skewered and cooked in a tandoor – a cylindrical clay or metal oven.

The distinctive smoky flavour that the tandoor imparts to the meat is what makes this recipe such a standout. Today, we’ll be infusing that traditional essence into chicken wings, thus introducing the ‘Chicken Tikka Wings’.

Let’s talk about the complexity, shall we? Despite its delectable layers of flavour, this recipe isn’t as daunting as it might seem. In fact, the procedure is quite simple and easily approachable even for beginners.

As I unravel the secrets behind creating this masterpiece, you’ll be amazed at how effortlessly you can recreate this tantalizing experience in your own kitchen.

The genius behind this recipe is the combination of spices. Each carefully selected spice contributes to a symphony of flavours, making the chicken tikka wings an irresistible temptation.

Whether it’s the earthy notes of turmeric, the piquant undertones of chilli powder, or the tart zing of lemon juice, each ingredient performs its own magic, taking the dish to new heights of culinary excellence.

The essence of Chicken Tikka Wings lies in the marination process. This is where the chicken wings absorb the myriad of flavours and take on the distinct character of the dish.

A well-marinated piece of chicken is like a blank canvas that’s been beautifully painted with vibrant colours. It’s this beauty, complexity, and depth of flavours that we’ll be exploring together as we embark on our cooking journey.

But, the Chicken Tikka Wings’ charm doesn’t just stop at the flavourful bites. Its vibrant colours, created by the blend of spices, make it visually appealing as well. The reddish-orange hue imparted by the Kashmiri chilli and turmeric is a feast for the eyes, making it an ideal centrepiece for any dining table.

So, whether you’re new to the kitchen, or an experienced home cook looking to expand your repertoire, the Chicken Tikka Wings is the perfect recipe to embark on your next culinary adventure.

It is, indeed, a culinary voyage that promises to tickle your palate and leave you craving for more. Let’s get started, shall we?

What Ingredients to Use & Why

The complexity and depth of Chicken Tikka Wings arise from the careful selection and combination of ingredients. Each one plays a crucial role in creating the unique flavour profile that this recipe is loved for. So let’s delve deeper into the world of these ingredients and understand their significance.

Chicken Wings: These are the heart and soul of our recipe. Chicken wings, with their combination of lean white meat and rich dark meat, perfectly absorb the flavours of the marinade.

The skin turns beautifully crispy when roasted, providing a lovely textural contrast. If you wish to experiment, chicken thighs can be a great alternative as they’re equally succulent and flavourful.

Yoghurt: Yoghurt tenderizes the chicken wings and helps the spices penetrate deep into the meat, ensuring every bite is flavourful. The slightly tangy taste of yoghurt balances out the spicy flavours. If you are lactose intolerant, coconut milk can serve as a mild, creamy alternative.

Tandoori Masala: The tandoori masala is a mix of various ground spices that imparts an earthy flavour to the dish. Its rich, warm notes form the backbone of our chicken tikka wings. If you can’t find tandoori masala, you can substitute it with garam masala, although the flavour profile will slightly change.

Kashmiri Chilli: Known for its mild heat and vibrant red colour, Kashmiri chilli gives our wings an appetising look without making them too spicy. If unavailable, paprika can serve as a substitute, providing similar heat and colour.

Turmeric Powder: Turmeric is known for its vibrant yellow colour and its earthy, bitter flavour. It contributes to the overall colour and flavour profile of our chicken tikka wings. You can use fresh turmeric root if the powder is not available, but remember, a little goes a long way.

Ginger & Garlic Paste: These are flavour powerhouses that infuse our wings with their pungent, aromatic notes. They add depth to our dish, making it even more tantalizing. If you wish, you can use fresh ginger and garlic, finely minced.

Lemon Juice: This brings freshness and tanginess to the dish, beautifully cutting through the richness of the other ingredients. It also aids in tenderizing the chicken. In its absence, you can use any other citrus juice like lime or orange.

Oil: Oil binds all our marinade ingredients together, ensuring an even coating on the chicken wings. It also helps in roasting the wings to perfection, making them crispy on the outside while keeping them juicy inside. Feel free to use any neutral oil of your choice.

Finally, remember that the beauty of cooking lies in experimentation. Feel free to play around with these ingredients based on your preferences and dietary needs.

Alternatives to Tandoori Masala in the Chicken Tikka Wings Recipe

As I embark on my journey of creating the tantalizing Chicken Tikka Wings, there’s one ingredient that sits at the heart of this recipe: the Tandoori Masala. It’s a complex blend of spices that injects an earthy flavour and lends the signature aroma to this dish.

However, there might be times when my spice rack runs out of Tandoori Masala. Does that mean I give up on my chicken wing cravings? Absolutely not! I believe in improvising. Cooking is all about finding alternatives, and I have found just the perfect one for Tandoori Masala – the Garam Masala.

Garam Masala, a quintessential Indian spice blend, makes an excellent substitute for Tandoori Masala. It’s a medley of aromatic spices like cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom, among others. Though its flavour profile differs slightly, it complements the chicken wings wonderfully.

When using Garam Masala, I like to balance it with a touch of extra cayenne pepper for a bit of heat, and a sprinkle of paprika for that beautiful reddish-orange hue. This mix mimics the taste and colour of Tandoori Masala, giving my Chicken Tikka Wings the authenticity they need.

Remember, using a substitute does mean a slight change in flavour. However, it’s important to remember that different doesn’t necessarily mean worse. I’ve found that the wings turn out to be just as flavourful and aromatic as Garam Masala.

It’s all about enjoying the process and relishing the results. So next time you’re out of Tandoori Masala, don’t hold back. Delve into your spice drawer, pull out the Garam Masala, and let your Chicken Tikka Wings fly!

Substituting Chicken Thighs for Wings in the Chicken Tikka Wings Recipe

I relish the Chicken Tikka Wings for its succulent, juicy meat and delightful mix of spices. But I also understand that preferences can vary and some may fancy chicken thighs over wings. Does that make a big difference in the recipe? Well, let’s find out.

Chicken thighs, like wings, are a part of the dark meat category, known for their rich, deep flavours. They are incredibly succulent, tender, and brimming with juicy goodness. So when I substitute thighs for wings, what I’m essentially doing is altering the texture of the meat while retaining the same rich flavours.

While chicken wings bring a delightful mix of lean white meat and rich dark meat with lovely crispy skin, chicken thighs promise an all-around rich, succulent experience. The soft and juicy thighs, when marinated with the same aromatic spices, deliver a slightly different yet equally delectable experience.

Another benefit of using thighs is their size. Thighs are larger and meatier than wings, which means you get more meat per piece. This can be a big plus if you’re catering to a larger crowd or simply desire a meatier bite.

So, if you’re in the mood for a change or chicken wings are not readily available, don’t hesitate to go for chicken thighs. You might even find yourself enjoying this twist on the traditional Chicken Tikka Wings recipe. Remember, variety is the spice of life, especially when it comes to food!

Making Chicken Tikka Wings without a Conventional Oven

The art of cooking, I believe, is not about sticking to the rules, but about bending them a bit, innovating, and discovering new possibilities. So, what if I tell you that the enticing Chicken Tikka Wings can be created without a conventional oven?

Traditionally, the ‘tikka’ dishes were prepared in a tandoor, a cylindrical clay or metal oven. This imparts a distinct smoky flavour to the meat that we associate with tikka dishes.

But, what if you, like many others, do not have a tandoor or a conventional oven at home? Fear not, because I’ve got a solution for you: the stovetop method.

A grill pan or a heavy-bottomed skillet can be your best ally in this venture. The process begins the same way as the conventional method; I marinate the chicken wings in my blend of spices and let them rest. Then, instead of popping them into the oven, I heat my grill pan and arrange the wings on it.

Cooking on a stovetop requires vigilant attention to ensure even cooking and prevent the wings from sticking to the pan. I like to brush a bit of oil on the pan before I place the wings and then keep turning them at regular intervals for that perfect, even char.

The result? Deliciously grilled Chicken Tikka Wings, boasting the same mix of tangy and spicy flavours, with a slightly different, but equally enticing, charred aroma. So, even without an oven, I promise, your Chicken Tikka Wings can still fly high!

Marination Time for Chicken Tikka Wings

Whenever I embark on the journey of creating my delicious Chicken Tikka Wings, there’s one crucial step that makes all the difference: the marination process. This is when the chicken wings absorb the mix of aromatic spices, taking on the character and flavours that make this dish truly exceptional.

But how long should I let my chicken wings marinate to achieve optimal flavour absorption? In my experience, time is key here. I usually let the wings marinate for at least 30 minutes, enough time for the spices to start working their magic on the chicken.

However, if I want to take it a notch higher and let the flavours penetrate deeper into the meat, I leave the wings to marinate in the refrigerator overnight.

The wait might feel a tad too long, especially when my cravings kick in, but the result is definitely worth it. The wings turn out more flavourful, with every bite revealing the layers of spices.

But what if I’m pressed for time and can’t afford to wait? In that case, I ensure the marinade is well-coated on the chicken wings and let them sit for a minimum of 15-20 minutes. Though the flavours won’t be as deep as with a longer marination time, the wings will still turn out delicious.

Remember, patience is a virtue, especially in cooking. So next time you’re making Chicken Tikka Wings, try giving marination the time it deserves. You’ll be rewarded with succulent wings that burst with flavour in every bite!

Using Non-Dairy Alternatives in the Chicken Tikka Wings Recipe

I’ve found that adapting recipes to suit different dietary needs is a delightful challenge. It pushes me to explore new ingredients and flavours. So, when it comes to the classic Chicken Tikka Wings recipe, one may wonder: can it be tweaked to suit a non-dairy diet? Yes, it can!

Yoghurt is a key component in the marinade for Chicken Tikka Wings. It lends the wings a tangy flavour and tenderizes the meat. However, if I’m aiming for a non-dairy version, I substitute yoghurt with a non-dairy alternative like coconut milk or almond yoghurt.

Coconut milk, with its creamy texture, is a fabulous replacement. It mimics the consistency of yoghurt, ensuring that the wings are well-coated with the marinade. The natural sweetness of coconut milk adds a subtly different, yet pleasant, flavour to the wings.

Almond yoghurt, another worthy alternative, comes quite close to the tangy flavour profile of dairy yoghurt. It helps the spices adhere to the chicken, resulting in a flavour-packed outcome.

In both cases, I recommend adding a squeeze of lemon to impart the tangy flavour that yoghurt typically provides. Though the end result might have a slightly different taste compared to the traditional Chicken Tikka Wings, the essence of the recipe remains intact.

So, next time you’re cooking for someone with dietary restrictions or you simply want to experiment, don’t shy away from making these swaps. You’ll be surprised at how wonderfully accommodating and versatile cooking can be!

Ensuring Juicy and Not Dry Chicken Tikka Wings

Cooking Chicken Tikka Wings can sometimes feel like walking a tightrope. Cook them too little, and they’re raw; cook them too much, and they turn out dry. So, how do I ensure that my wings are perfectly cooked, juicy, and far from dry? I follow some simple guidelines.

Firstly, it’s all about the marinade. I ensure the chicken wings are well coated with it and given ample time to absorb the flavours. The yoghurt in the marinade plays a crucial role here as it not only adds flavour but also tenderizes the chicken, keeping it moist during cooking.

Secondly, I pay close attention to the cooking time. Chicken wings, being small, cook relatively quickly, so I’m always cautious not to overcook them. Typically, roasting the wings for 15 minutes on each side at 180°C (350°F) works well for me.

Lastly, after removing the wings from the oven, I let them rest for a few minutes. This allows the juices to redistribute within the meat, ensuring that every bite is juicy.

But what if I still end up with dry wings? I’ve got a handy trick for that too! A quick basting sauce made from butter, garlic, and a bit of leftover marinade brushed over the wings can bring back some of that lost moisture and add an extra flavour punch.

It’s about experimenting and finding what works best for you. So, the next time you’re preparing Chicken Tikka Wings, try these tips, and I’m confident you’ll be relishing the juiciest wings ever!

The Role of Lemon Juice in Chicken Tikka Wings

When I am in my culinary zone, preparing the delectable Chicken Tikka Wings, one tiny ingredient stands out for its colossal impact – the humble lemon juice. It might not seem like much, but it plays a pivotal role in elevating the flavours of the dish.

Lemon juice, with its characteristic tang, adds a fresh, vibrant flavour to the Chicken Tikka Wings. It helps balance the richness of the meat and the intensity of the spices. I find that a good squeeze of lemon enhances the flavours, much like adding a pinch of salt does.

Additionally, lemon juice acts as a natural meat tenderizer. The acidity of the lemon breaks down the proteins in the chicken, making it softer and more succulent. This is particularly important when marinating the chicken wings, as it allows them to soak up the flavours of the spices more effectively.

In case you find yourself out of fresh lemons, vinegar makes a good substitute. Vinegar, especially the apple cider variety, has a similar acidic profile and can mimic the tenderizing effect of lemon juice. However, it doesn’t quite match the bright, citrusy flavour that lemon juice provides.

So, the next time you’re whipping up a batch of Chicken Tikka Wings, remember not to skip the lemon juice. This seemingly small ingredient can make a world of difference to your final dish, turning it from good to fantastic!

The Importance of Crushed Chillies in the Chicken Tikka Wings  

Heat and spice lovers rejoice! Today, I’m exploring the fiery world of crushed chillies and their crucial role in my Chicken Tikka Wings recipe. It’s this ingredient that adds a unique heat and textural element to the dish.

Crushed chillies, with their potent heat and robust flavour, are instrumental in providing the ‘kick’ that Chicken Tikka Wings are renowned for. They lend a punchy heat to the dish that builds up gradually, making every bite a spicy delight.

What sets crushed chillies apart from regular chilli powder is the texture. The crushed pieces add a delightful crunch to the wings, providing an unexpected and pleasant contrast to the otherwise soft and juicy meat. It’s a small detail, but one that truly enhances the eating experience.

However, if crushed chillies aren’t readily available or if you prefer slightly milder heat, you can substitute it with red pepper flakes. They provide a similar spicy kick and crunchy texture, although the heat level is somewhat lower.

Remember, the spice level of the Chicken Tikka Wings is entirely in your control. You can adjust the number of crushed chillies as per your taste. If you love an intense, fiery flavour, be generous with them; but if you prefer a milder version, simply cut back a bit.

So, the next time you’re marinating your Chicken Tikka Wings, give a nod of appreciation to crushed chillies. They truly are the spice of life in this delightful recipe!

Preparing Chicken Tikka Wings Ahead of Time and Freezing for Later Use

As someone who juggles numerous tasks and values time efficiency, I often find myself looking for ways to prep my meals ahead. Thankfully, my favourite Chicken Tikka Wings recipe is quite accommodating in this respect.

The beauty of this recipe lies in its flexibility. I can marinate the chicken wings, arrange them on a tray, and pop them in the freezer.

Once they’re frozen, I transfer them into a zip-lock bag or an airtight container, where they can stay for up to three months. It’s like having a delicious backup meal ready at all times!

When the cravings strike, all I need to do is preheat my oven, spread the frozen wings on a baking tray, and cook them. There’s no need to defrost; they can go straight from the freezer to the oven! However, I do add a few extra minutes to the cooking time to ensure they’re thoroughly cooked.

Remember, the key to successful freezing lies in the initial freezing stage. By freezing the wings on a tray first, I prevent them from sticking together, making it easier to take out just the number of wings I need without having to defrost the entire batch.

So next time you’re planning your meal prep, consider adding Chicken Tikka Wings to your list. They are easy to prepare, freeze well, and most importantly, are absolutely delicious when cooked!

Serving Chicken Tikka Wings for a Complete Meal

There’s no denying the star power of Chicken Tikka Wings. But even stars shine brighter when they’re in good company. Therefore, choosing the right side dishes to serve with the Chicken Tikka Wings is crucial in creating a harmonious and satisfying meal.

When I think about pairing sides with Chicken Tikka Wings, I look for something that complements the intense flavours of the wings without overshadowing them.

A classic option is crispy French fries or potato wedges, which provide a comforting contrast to the spicy wings. A side of coleslaw or a fresh salad can bring a refreshing crunch and balance the heat.

For a more traditional approach, I love serving the wings with naan or rice. These neutral bases absorb the flavours of the marinade beautifully, creating a delightful combination.

A cooling yoghurt-based dip like raita or tzatziki can also be a fantastic accompaniment, offering a refreshing counterpoint to the spicy wings.

Another favourite pairing of mine is roasted or grilled vegetables. The natural sweetness of vegetables like bell peppers, onions, and zucchini pairs wonderfully with the spicy chicken wings.

The beauty of Chicken Tikka Wings is their versatility. They can comfortably fit into a Western-style barbecue or a traditional Indian meal.

So next time you’re planning a meal around Chicken Tikka Wings, let your creativity run wild. Remember, the best meals are not just about great food but also about the perfect pairings!

Check Out These Other Recipes

If you loved my recipe for Chicken Tikka Wings, I guarantee that your taste buds will dance with joy for these other Indian appetisers!

First, imagine sinking your teeth into some tender and juicy Chicken Tandoori. I marinate the chicken in a blend of yoghurt and spices before roasting it to perfection. The smoky, spicy flavour is divine and keeps you coming back for more.

Now, allow me to introduce you to Chicken Chapli Kebab. These delightful patties are packed with flavour, thanks to the blend of spices, herbs, and minced chicken. They’re perfect for a light meal or a decadent snack.

And then, there’s Aloo Tikki, a tasty little potato snack that’s the perfect companion to a cup of tea. Made with boiled potatoes and spices, these golden-brown treats are crisp on the outside and melt-in-your-mouth soft on the inside.

You simply cannot leave without trying the Vegetable Pakora. I coat a mix of vegetables in a savoury gram flour batter and fry them to a crisp golden brown. The result is a scrumptious snack that pairs perfectly with a tangy chutney.

Lastly, we have Naan Bread. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “It’s just bread.” But let me tell you, there’s nothing “just” about it. Soft, and fluffy, with a delightful chew, this bread pairs beautifully with curries, and kebabs, and even makes a scrumptious wrap.

Remember, I always love hearing your thoughts on these recipes, so please, don’t be shy! Leave a comment below, and let me know how they turned out for you. Your feedback means the world to me.

Chicken Tikka Wings

Chicken Tikka Wings

by Nabeela Kauser
For the perfect fusion of Indian cuisine and American cuisine try this oven baked chicken tikka wings recipe. Serve these baked wings with a side of yoghurt chutney for a real zing of refreshing spice.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Marination Time 30 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 10 minutes
Course Appetiser
Cuisine American, Indian
Servings 4
Calories 395 kcal


  • 1 kg Chicken Wings
  • 100 g Yoghurt
  • 1 tbsp Tandoori Masala
  • 1 tsp Kashmiri Chilli
  • 1 tsp Turmeric Powder Haldi
  • 1 tsp Salt
  • 1 tsp Chilli Powder
  • 1 tsp Crushed Chillies
  • 1 tsp Dried Fenugreek Leaves Methi
  • 1 tsp Ginger Paste
  • 1 tsp Garlic Paste
  • 1 tbsp Lemon Juice
  • 2 tbsp Oil


  • In a large bowl add all the ingredients, except the chicken wings, and whisk until well combined
  • Add the chicken wings then mix until all the chicken pieces are evenly coated (see note 1)
  • Set aside to marinate for at least 30 minutes (see note 2)
  • Once marinated, roast for 15 minutes at the top of a preheated oven at 180°C (350°F) gas mark 4
  • Flip the chicken wings over and roast for a further 15 minutes
  • Serve with some crispy French fries and enjoy!



Note 1 – It is better to use chicken wings with skin.
Note 2 – The longer you marinate the chicken wings the greater the flavour.
Nutritional facts:
The provision of nutritional information is done so merely as a courtesy and should not be taken as a guarantee.


Calories: 395kcalCarbohydrates: 4gProtein: 26gFat: 30gSaturated Fat: 7gTrans Fat: 0.3gCholesterol: 107mgSodium: 1059mgPotassium: 330mgFibre: 1gSugar: 2gVitamin A: 668IUVitamin C: 3mgVitamin D: 0.2µgCalcium: 60mgIron: 2mg
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