Middle Eastern RECIPES

Whip up a range of Middle Eastern dishes that everyone is guaranteed to love. Vibrant colours, fragrant aromas, and authentic flavours these Middle Eastern recipes are the perfect representation of culture and tradition.

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Turkish Chicken Wings
5 from 25 votes
Let’s dive into the flavourful world of our star dish: Turkish Chicken Wings....
Spicy Potatoes
5 from 8 votes
The recipe I’m about to share, the vivacious Spicy Potatoes, is a culinary...
Potato and Spinach
5 from 6 votes
When I think about my Potato and Spinach recipe, I’m immediately transported back...
Best Hummus
5 from 4 votes
Today we’re embarking on a culinary journey to the heart of the Middle...
Lentil Soup
5 from 8 votes
Allow me to introduce you to my delightful lentil soup recipe, a bowlful...
Lamb Shish Kebab
5 from 4 votes
Ah, the Lamb Shish Kebab! Isn’t that a melody to your culinary senses?...
Jeweled Rice
5 from 5 votes
This recipe for jewelled rice is a show-stopping dish. The combination of colours...
Egg Shakshuka
5 from 7 votes
The Egg Shakshuka, an exquisite melody of flavours that takes us on a...