Grilled Chicken Wings
Grilled Chicken Wings
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Unleash your inner chef with our mouth-watering grilled chicken wings recipe. Easy to prepare and irresistibly delicious, this dish adds a burst of flavour to your meal. Enjoy the journey of preparing this wonderful delight that leaves everyone craving for more.
Grilled Chicken Wings

There’s a universally adored appetizer that has managed to sneak its way onto dining tables across the globe – Grilled Chicken Wings. Perfect for any occasion, this dish has a simplicity that belies its rich, addictive flavour.

The Grilled Chicken Wings I’ll be guiding you through today takes this universally loved dish to new heights with an easy-to-follow recipe that ensures a burst of flavour in every bite. 

The history of chicken wings traces back to the 1960s when they were considered a throw-away part in the United States. That all changed in Buffalo, New York, where the first ever Buffalo Wings were created in Anchor Bar by Teressa Bellissimo.  

Although our recipe differs from the traditional Buffalo wings – which are deep-fried and coated in a vinegar-based cayenne pepper sauce and butter – it maintains the spirit of making a delicious dish out of a previously underappreciated part of the chicken. 

This grilled variation that we will be making today is actually a healthier alternative to the deep-fried original, providing a smoky flavour and crispy texture without the added oil or batter.  

It’s also an easier dish to make than many people might think. With a few ingredients and a grill, anyone can create these irresistible wings at home. 

When it comes to difficulty, making Grilled Chicken Wings is actually quite straightforward, making it an ideal recipe for beginners or those with busy schedules.  

The main component of the recipe that requires some effort is the preparation of the marinade, which involves mixing a few ingredients together, and grilling of the wings.  

The grilling is the part where attention is required to ensure the wings don’t burn, but even that isn’t difficult and only requires some vigilance. 

So, whether you’re an amateur cook testing your culinary skills or an experienced chef looking to change up your chicken wing game, this Grilled Chicken Wings recipe is a perfect choice.  

It’s a dish that comes with a promise of an incredible flavour payoff, which makes it worth every bit of effort you put in. The recipe itself is simple, the ingredients are easy to find, and the result is absolutely scrumptious. 

Marinating the Chicken Wings for Best Results

When I prepare my Grilled Chicken Wings, I ensure that every bite is flavourful. The marinade plays a crucial role in this. The marinade is what imparts all the wonderful flavours into the chicken wings and ensures that they’re juicy and tender. 

The marinade I use for my Grilled Chicken Wings recipe is a mixture of minced garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, paprika, cayenne pepper, salt, and freshly ground black pepper.  

This combination of ingredients creates a balance of flavours – there’s the pungent kick from the garlic, the tanginess from the lemon juice, the heat from the cayenne pepper, and the smokiness from the paprika. All these flavours work together to make the chicken wings incredibly tasty. 

To prepare the marinade, simply combine all these ingredients in a large bowl. Then add the chicken wings to the bowl, making sure that each piece is thoroughly coated with the marinade.  

Once the wings are well coated, they need to be left to marinate for at least 2 hours. However, if you can marinate them overnight, it’s even better because it allows the flavours to penetrate more deeply into the chicken, making them tastier. 

Marinating chicken wings is more than just adding flavour. The lemon juice in the marinade also helps to tenderize the chicken.  

The acidity in the lemon juice breaks down the protein fibres in the chicken, which not only makes the chicken wings more tender but also allows the flavours from the marinade to penetrate deeper into the meat. 

The marinating process is not a step that should be rushed or skipped when making Grilled Chicken Wings. The longer the chicken wings can soak in the marinade, the more flavourful they’ll be. It’s an easy step that requires minimal effort but delivers a significant flavour payoff. 

What are the Health Benefits of Grilled Chicken Wings?

When I’m in the mood for a delicious, protein-rich dish, I often find myself turning to my Grilled Chicken Wings recipe. Not only are these wings incredibly tasty, but they also come with a host of health benefits. 

First and foremost, chicken wings are a great source of protein. Protein is a crucial macronutrient that our bodies need for a variety of reasons. It’s essential for building and repairing tissues, making enzymes and hormones, and it plays a vital role in overall growth and development. 

The grilling process used in this recipe also has health benefits. Grilled chicken wings are generally healthier than their fried counterparts, as grilling doesn’t require any additional fat or oil. When you grill chicken wings, the fat drips away from the meat, resulting in leaner, lower-calorie pieces. 

Additionally, the ingredients used in the marinade for these Grilled Chicken Wings also have health benefits. Garlic, for instance, is known for its numerous health benefits, including its ability to combat sickness, improve heart health, and even help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. 

Lemon juice is another healthy ingredient. It’s high in vitamin C, which boosts the immune system, and its natural acidity can aid in digestion and detoxification.  

Spices like paprika and cayenne pepper are not just flavour boosters; they also have a number of health benefits. They are known to boost metabolism, reduce hunger, and even have anti-cancer properties. 

However, while the chicken wings are protein-rich and the grilling method is a healthier way of cooking, it’s important to remember that they should be eaten as part of a balanced diet. 

So, enjoy your Grilled Chicken Wings, and remember, not only are you indulging in a delicious meal, but you’re also consuming a dish with several health benefits. 

Using other Parts of the chicken for Grilled Chicken Wings

As a chef who loves to experiment in the kitchen, I can confidently tell you that you can certainly use other parts of the chicken for this Grilled Chicken Wings recipe. However, keep in mind that the taste and texture might slightly differ from the original recipe. 

Chicken thighs, for example, are a great substitute for chicken wings. They are tender and juicy, and like wings, they have a good amount of fat, which can result in a more flavourful dish. They’re also larger in size than wings, which means they’ll take a little longer to cook. 

Chicken breasts can also be used, but they’re leaner than wings or thighs, which means they can become dry if overcooked. To prevent this, you can brine the chicken breasts before marinating them.  

Brining is a process in which you soak the chicken breasts in a mixture of salt and water. This process helps to keep the chicken breasts moist during cooking 

Another option could be chicken drumsticks. They’re similar to wings in terms of texture and fat content, and they have the added benefit of being quite meaty. Drumsticks would work well with the flavours of the marinade in this Grilled Chicken Wings recipe. 

When using a different part of the chicken, you should adjust the cooking time accordingly. Larger cuts of chicken will require a longer cooking time to ensure they are cooked through. 

While chicken wings are the preferred choice for this recipe, don’t let that limit your creativity in the kitchen. Feel free to experiment with different parts of the chicken and see how the recipe turns out. After all, cooking is all about having fun and trying out new things. 

Preventing the Chicken Wings from Burning on the Grill

If you’ve ever grilled before, you’ll know that one of the main challenges can be preventing your food from getting too charred. When I’m grilling my chicken wings, there are a few techniques I use to prevent them from burning. 

Firstly, it’s important to understand that control of your grill’s temperature is crucial. A common mistake people make is to grill their chicken wings on high heat throughout the whole process.  

High heat can cause the skin to burn before the meat inside is fully cooked. I always recommend starting with medium heat, which allows the chicken wings to cook evenly and prevents the outside from burning. 

Another important tip is not to overcrowd the grill. Overcrowding can lead to uneven cooking, with some wings charring while others aren’t fully cooked. Ensure there’s enough space between each wing to allow the heat to circulate evenly. 

Regularly turning the wings also helps to prevent them from burning. By rotating them every few minutes, you’ll ensure that they cook evenly on all sides. This not only helps to prevent any part of the wings from getting too charred but also allows the wings to cook through properly. 

Another technique is to use indirect grilling for part of the cooking process. Start by searing the wings over direct heat to get a good crust, then move them to a cooler part of the grill to finish cooking. This allows the wings to cook through without the risk of burning the outside. 

By paying attention to these details, you can prevent your Grilled Chicken Wings from burning and ensure they come out perfectly cooked every time. With a little practice and patience, you’ll be able to master the art of grilling chicken wings without burning them. 

Adjusting the Spice Level in this Grilled Chicken Wings Recipe

As a lover of all things spicy, I often add a good kick to my dishes, including my Grilled Chicken Wings recipe. However, I understand that not everyone has the same tolerance or preference for spice. Luckily, adjusting the spice level in this recipe is pretty straightforward. 

The main source of heat in my Grilled Chicken Wings recipe comes from the cayenne pepper in the marinade. To decrease the spice level, you can simply reduce the amount of cayenne pepper you use. 

Alternatively, if you’d like to increase the spice level, you can add more cayenne pepper to the marinade. Just remember, a little goes a long way, so it’s best to add additional cayenne gradually and taste the marinade as you go. 

If you or your guests are sensitive to spice but still want to enjoy the flavour of these grilled chicken wings, you can even consider omitting the cayenne pepper altogether. Without the cayenne, the wings will still have a delicious garlicky and smoky flavour from the garlic and paprika. 

Another option is to serve a spicy sauce on the side. That way, each person can add as much or as little spice as they want. A simple spicy mayo or hot sauce would work well. 

Remember, cooking is all about personal preference. The best thing about making your own meals is that you can easily adjust them to suit your taste.  

So don’t be afraid to experiment with the spice level in this Grilled Chicken Wings recipe to make it the perfect fit for your palate. After all, cooking should be fun and enjoyable, and you should love the food you make. 

The Best Side Dishes to Serve with Grilled Chicken Wings

When I serve my Grilled Chicken Wings, I often think about what side dishes would complement the flavours of the wings and complete the meal. I always like to pair it with sides that can balance the spice and smokiness of the chicken. 

One of my go-to side dishes is a crisp, refreshing salad. The coolness and crunch of a salad provide a wonderful contrast to the heat and smokiness of the grilled wings. 

I often toss together a simple green salad with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, and a light vinaigrette dressing. The acidity from the vinaigrette can help cut through the richness of the chicken wings, creating a well-rounded meal. 

Another great side dish is coleslaw. The creaminess and crunch of coleslaw make it an excellent counterpoint to the tangy and spicy chicken wings. You can make it traditional with a creamy dressing, or you can go for a vinegar-based slaw for a more tangy taste. 

Potato dishes also pair well with grilled chicken wings. You could go for classic French fries or a hearty potato salad. The starchy potatoes work well to balance the flavours of the chicken wings. 

Grilled vegetables are another fantastic side. The charred, smoky flavour of grilled veggies matches well with the grilled chicken wings. You can use any veggies you like – bell peppers, zucchini, asparagus, and corn on the cob are all excellent choices. 

Lastly, you can never go wrong with a good dip. Whether it’s a cool ranch dressing, a tangy barbecue sauce, or a spicy buffalo dip, a dip can add an extra layer of flavour to the chicken wings and make them even more enjoyable. 

The key is to balance flavours and textures to create a meal that’s enjoyable in every bite. So, next time you whip up a batch of my Grilled Chicken Wings, don’t forget to consider these side dish suggestions. 

Storing and Reheating Leftover Grilled Chicken Wings 

Having leftover Grilled Chicken Wings from my recipe is a rarity in my house, but when it does happen, it’s important to store and reheat them properly to ensure they stay delicious. 

To store leftover Grilled Chicken Wings, allow them to cool completely at room temperature. Once cooled, transfer them to an airtight container. The wings can be stored in the refrigerator for up to four days. 

 If you need to store them for a longer period, they can be frozen. Just make sure they are sealed tightly to avoid freezer burn. They can last up to four months in the freezer. 

When it comes to reheating, I always prefer to use the oven. Preheat your oven to 180°C (350°F). Spread the wings out on a baking sheet, and heat them for about 15-20 minutes, or until they are heated through and the skin is crispy again. 

 Using the oven helps the wings retain their crispy skin and doesn’t make them dry out like a microwave might. 

You can also reheat the wings on a grill. Preheat the grill to medium heat, and then grill the wings for a few minutes on each side, until they are heated through. 

If the wings were frozen, it’s best to thaw them in the refrigerator overnight before reheating them. This allows the wings to reheat more evenly and reduces the risk of them becoming dry. 

Proper storage and reheating can make the difference between enjoying your leftovers and having to throw them out. So next time you find yourself with leftover Grilled Chicken Wings, remember these tips and ensure that your leftovers taste just as good as when you first made them. 

Understanding the Role of Marination in the Grilled Chicken Wings Recipe 

The process of marination holds a pivotal role in my Grilled Chicken Wings recipe. Not only does it introduce an array of flavours to the wings, but it also helps to tenderize the meat and keep it juicy while it grills. 

Marinades typically consist of three key components: acid, oil, and seasonings. In my Grilled Chicken Wings recipe, the acid is apple cider vinegar, the oil is olive oil, and the seasonings include garlic, cayenne pepper, smoked paprika, and salt.  

The acid and the oil work together to tenderize the meat and enable the flavours to penetrate deep into the chicken wings. 

Acidic ingredients like vinegar, lemon juice, or yogurt, help to break down tough muscle fibres and proteins in meat, making it more tender. But remember, there’s a fine balance to be achieved here.  

Marinate for too long, and the acid can start to ‘cook’ the meat, altering its texture and potentially making it tougher. 

The oil in the marinade serves as a carrier for flavours, especially for those seasonings that are fat-soluble. It also helps to keep the wings moist and prevent them from sticking to the grill. 

The seasonings are, of course, where the primary flavours come from. The combination of garlic, cayenne pepper, and smoked paprika gives the wings a bold, spicy, and smoky flavour profile. 

Marination also serves a practical purpose in food safety. Marinating meat before grilling can help reduce the formation of potentially harmful compounds that can form when grilling meats at high temperatures. 

So, the next time you make my Grilled Chicken Wings, remember that the marination step is not one to be rushed or overlooked. Giving your wings ample time to soak up the marinade will ensure a flavourful and tender result that’s well worth the wait. 

Why Use a Charcoal Grill for Grilled Chicken Wings

When it comes to grilling my Grilled Chicken Wings, I always prefer to use a charcoal grill. Not only does it provide a unique flavour that’s hard to replicate with other types of grills, but it also offers a certain joy that comes from mastering the art of charcoal grilling. 

One of the main advantages of using a charcoal grill is the flavour it imparts. The smoke from the charcoal infuses the chicken wings with a distinct smoky flavour that’s not achievable with gas or electric grills.  

This smokiness enhances the overall flavour profile of the wings, complimenting the spicy and tangy marinade beautifully. 

The high heat that a charcoal grill can achieve is another benefit. This high heat allows for better searing of the wings, which not only enhances their flavour but also helps to lock in their juices, resulting in a juicier, more flavourful wing. 

The heat on a charcoal grill is also more adjustable than on gas or electric grills. By moving the coals and adjusting the airflow, you have more control over the grilling temperature.  

This can be particularly beneficial when grilling chicken wings, which need a balance of high heat for searing and lower heat for cooking through without burning. 

While charcoal grilling may be more time consuming and requires more skill than other types of grilling, the flavour payoff and the satisfaction that comes from mastering this art are well worth it. 

However, if you don’t have a charcoal grill, you can still make delicious Grilled Chicken Wings on a gas or electric grill. The key is to maintain a steady, medium heat and to turn the wings regularly for even cooking. 

Regardless of the grill you use, the most important ingredient is your passion and enthusiasm for grilling. 

Making your Grilled Chicken Wings Juicy and Tender 

A hallmark of a great Grilled Chicken Wings recipe, like mine, is juicy and tender meat beneath a crispy and flavourful exterior. The quest for achieving this might seem challenging, but there are a few tricks that I employ to ensure the wings turn out perfectly juicy and tender every time. 

Firstly, the marinade plays a critical role. It not only imparts flavour, but the acidity in the marinade (in this case, the apple cider vinegar) also helps to break down some of the protein structure in the chicken, which can result in more tender meat. Also, the olive oil in the marinade helps to keep the chicken moist and juicy as it grills. 

The grilling method is another crucial aspect. Grilling the wings over medium heat ensures they cook slowly and evenly, allowing the interior of the wings to become fully cooked without drying out, while the exterior gets a nice, crispy char.  

It’s also important to turn the wings regularly during grilling, as this promotes even cooking and helps to prevent any part from drying out or burning. 

Furthermore, not overcrowding the grill allows the heat to circulate evenly, cooking the wings more uniformly and making them less likely to dry out. 

Lastly, letting the wings rest for a few minutes after they come off the grill is another tip to ensure juicy chicken wings. Resting allows the juices, which are driven to the surface of the meat during cooking, to redistribute throughout the wings, resulting in a more juicy and flavourful bite. 

Achieving juicy and tender Grilled Chicken Wings involves a combination of proper preparation and careful grilling techniques. But with these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the art of grilling chicken wings that are as juicy and tender as they are flavourful and crispy. 

Variations to the Grilled Chicken Wings Recipe 

One of the things I love about cooking is the flexibility to adapt and modify recipes to suit your personal preferences, and my Grilled Chicken Wings recipe is no exception. There are many ways to put your own spin on this recipe. 

For instance, you can experiment with different marinades to give the wings a new flavour profile. You might consider adding ingredients like honey or brown sugar for a touch of sweetness, soy sauce for some umami, or even some bourbon for a bit of smoky depth. 

Swapping out the cayenne pepper for other spices can also change up the flavour. Try chipotle powder for a smoky heat, ancho chilli powder for a milder, fruity heat, or even some curry powder for a completely different taste. 

Another way to change up this recipe is to play around with the cooking method. While grilling is my preferred method for this recipe, you can also bake or broil the wings in the oven. Alternatively, for a really crispy finish, you could try air frying the wings. 

The serving sauce is another area where you can get creative. You could make a homemade barbecue sauce, a spicy buffalo sauce, or even a tangy honey-mustard sauce. Or, try serving the wings with different dips, such as blue cheese or ranch dressing. 

Lastly, the garnish can also add a new dimension to the dish. Fresh chopped herbs like cilantro or parsley can add a burst of freshness, while a sprinkle of sesame seeds can add a nice crunch and visual appeal. 

Remember, the best thing about cooking is making a dish your own. So don’t be afraid to experiment and try out different variations of this Grilled Chicken Wings recipe. Who knows, you might just discover your new favourite flavour combination! 

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Grilled Chicken Wings

Grilled Chicken Wings

by Nabeela Kauser
Unleash your inner chef with our mouth-watering grilled chicken wings recipe. Easy to prepare and irresistibly delicious, this dish adds a burst of flavour to your meal.
5 from 3 votes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Appetiser
Cuisine American, Western
Servings 4
Calories 370 kcal


  • 1 kg Chicken Wings
  • 3 cloves Garlic Minced
  • 2 tbsp Olive Oil
  • tsp Lemon Juice
  • 1 tbsp Paprika
  • 1 tbsp Cayenne Pepper
  • Salt To taste
  • Black Pepper To taste
  • Parsley For garnish


  • In a large bowl, combine the minced garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, paprika, cayenne pepper, salt, and freshly ground black pepper. This mixture will act as our marinade.
  • Add the chicken wings to the bowl and ensure each piece is fully coated in the marinade. Let it rest for at least 2 hours, but if possible, marinating overnight will allow for the flavours to penetrate more deeply.
  • Preheat your grill to a medium heat, around 175-200°C.
  • Once the grill is ready, place the marinated chicken wings on the grill. Cook them for about 10 minutes on each side or until they’ve reached a nice golden-brown colour and are cooked through.
  • Once the chicken wings are cooked, remove them from the grill and place them on a serving platter. Garnish with freshly chopped parsley before serving. Enjoy your delicious homemade grilled chicken wings!


For best results, try to marinate the chicken wings overnight. This will ensure the flavours are deeply infused into the chicken, making it tastier.
Also, remember to turn the wings regularly on the grill to prevent them from burning.
If you like your wings spicy, you can add more cayenne pepper according to taste.
Nutritional facts:
The provision of nutritional information is done so merely as a courtesy and should not be taken as a guarantee.


Calories: 370kcalCarbohydrates: 2gProtein: 25gFat: 29gSaturated Fat: 7gTrans Fat: 0.3gCholesterol: 104mgSodium: 100mgPotassium: 250mgFibre: 0.4gSugar: 0.3gVitamin A: 792IUVitamin C: 6mgVitamin D: 0.1µgCalcium: 22mgIron: 1mg
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