Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake
Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake
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Indulge in a slice of creamy and decadent raspberry swirl cheesecake, a timeless classic with a fruity twist. This dessert brings together the richness of cream cheese with a burst of raspberry flavour. Learn how to make it at home and make any occasion extra special.
Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake

From the heart of New York City to my own kitchen, the Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake has always been a timeless dessert. While the classic New York Cheesecake is the original, the Raspberry Swirl version puts an exquisite fruity twist on it that I personally can’t resist. 

The Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake recipe I’m about to share with you is not overly complicated, and any home cook should be able to take it on with confidence.  

Despite being a simple dessert, it manages to perfectly balance the richness of cream cheese with the freshness of raspberries, creating a symphony of flavours in each bite. 

The history of cheesecake is a fascinating one. It dates back to Ancient Greece and was even served to athletes during the first Olympic games! However, it was the Americans who perfected it, adding cream cheese to the mix and transforming it into the cheesecake we know and love today.  

The New York-style cheesecake, which is what our Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake is based on, became popular in the 1900s, thanks to Arnold Reuben, the owner of the legendary Turf Restaurant at 49th and Broadway in New York. 

Reuben’s recipe for New York Cheesecake was based on a cheese pie he had tasted at a friend’s dinner party. He experimented and developed a richer, creamier version that became an instant success.  

The New York-style cheesecake uses cream cheese for its distinct richness and smooth texture. The addition of raspberry in our Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake gives it an extra burst of flavour and a vibrant look that is sure to impress. 

While this recipe requires a little patience and precision, it’s certainly not an insurmountable challenge, even for a novice baker. Cheesecake is considered a moderately difficult dessert to make, but don’t let this intimidate you.  

The key is to take your time and pay attention to the details, like ensuring your cream cheese is at room temperature before starting, and allowing the cheesecake to cool gradually in the oven to prevent cracking. 

As we embark on this culinary journey together, I assure you, the end result – a creamy, tangy, and delicious Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake – will be worth the effort. It’s a dessert that’s just as suited to a casual family dinner as it is to a festive holiday gathering. 

Let’s get started on this delightful baking adventure, shall we? 

What Ingredients to Use & Why 

Creating a Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake is as much a science as it is an art. The perfect blend of ingredients, each with its own unique role, comes together to create this delectable dessert. Let’s delve into why each ingredient is essential in this recipe and explore potential alternatives that you could consider. 

Digestive Biscuits: The base of our cheesecake is made from Digestive Biscuits. Their crumbly texture and semi-sweet flavour provide a wonderful contrast to the smooth, rich filling. As an alternative, graham crackers could be used as they offer a similar flavour profile and texture. 

Melted Butter: The melted butter acts as the glue for our biscuit base, holding the crumbs together to form a firm crust. Any unsalted butter can be used for this purpose, but avoid using margarine as it might not hold the crumbs together as effectively. 

Cream Cheese: The star ingredient of any cheesecake, cream cheese, lends its creamy texture and mild tangy flavour to our dessert. It’s critical to use full-fat cream cheese for the richest flavour. If unavailable, you could use mascarpone cheese as a substitute, although it might alter the cheesecake’s flavour slightly. 

Granulated Sugar: Sugar sweetens the cream cheese mixture, balancing out the tanginess of the cream cheese and sour cream. While I recommend using granulated sugar, you could replace it with an equal amount of caster sugar if you prefer. 

All-Purpose Flour: A small amount of all-purpose flour is used to help the cheesecake set and hold its shape once baked. Cake flour or even corn-starch can be used as alternatives. 

Large Eggs: Eggs play a crucial role in setting the cheesecake as it bakes. They also provide richness to the dessert. I highly recommend sticking to using eggs in this recipe. 

Sour Cream: Sour cream adds an additional layer of tanginess and contributes to the creaminess of the cheesecake. If you can’t find sour cream, plain full-fat Greek yogurt could be a suitable replacement. 

Vanilla Extract: Vanilla extract enhances the flavours in the cheesecake. If you don’t have any on hand, you can use a vanilla bean, scraping out the seeds and adding them to the mixture. 

Raspberries: Fresh raspberries add a burst of fruity flavour and tartness to the cheesecake. They are pureed and swirled into the cream cheese mixture. If fresh raspberries are out of season, frozen ones can also work. 

Raspberry Jam: The raspberry jam intensifies the raspberry flavour in the cheesecake. Look for a good quality jam that’s not overly sweet. If you prefer, you could substitute it with another berry jam, like strawberry or blackberry, for a different flavour profile. 

By understanding the role of each ingredient, we can truly appreciate the science behind the art of baking and how each component contributes to creating the perfect Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake. 

Creating the Perfect Raspberry Swirl in a Cheesecake 

The beauty of a Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake, besides its delightful flavour, lies in the stunning red swirls that give the cheesecake its name. The key to achieving the perfect swirl lies in the method used to incorporate the raspberry puree into the cheesecake filling. 

Firstly, the puree should be made from fresh or high-quality frozen raspberries, along with raspberry jam. The jam aids in intensifying the raspberry flavour and providing a more vibrant colour. 

When it comes to creating the swirl, you will need to drizzle the raspberry puree over the top of the cheesecake filling. The process involves dropping spoonful’s of the puree on top of the unbaked cheesecake and then using a knife or skewer to gently swirl it into the filling.  

This process should be done slowly and gently, ensuring not to over-mix or you may end up with a pink cheesecake instead of a beautifully marbled one. 

It’s also important to note that the depth at which you swirl will affect the final look of the cheesecake. If you swirl just the top, you’ll end up with a design that’s more on the surface. But if you’d like the raspberry swirls to penetrate deeper into the cheesecake, you can swirl the knife deeper into the filling. 

Finally, remember that each Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake will be unique – like a work of art. Embrace the unpredictability of the swirl and the unique pattern each cheesecake presents. After all, it’s these small individual touches that make homemade desserts truly special. 

Alternatives to Digestive Biscuits in Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake 

Digestive biscuits are commonly used in many cheesecake recipes due to their mild sweetness and crumbly texture. However, there might be instances when they are not available or if you simply wish to try something different. 

Graham crackers are an excellent alternative to digestive biscuits. They offer a similar flavour profile and texture. Plus, they are widely available and often used in cheesecake recipes, particularly in North America. 

If you’d like to experiment a bit, consider using cookies like Oreos or Biscoff. Both provide a unique flavour twist to the cheesecake. If using Oreos, remember to remove the cream filling before crushing them for your base. 

Another option could be to use a mixture of nuts and dates for a gluten-free and healthier alternative. Almonds, walnuts, or pecans can be pulsed with dates in a food processor until they form a sticky mixture that can be pressed into the base of your cheesecake pan. 

Remember, no matter what you choose as a base, it needs to be combined with melted butter to help it stick together and form a firm crust that can support the cheesecake filling. 

While digestive biscuits are a traditional choice for a Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake, don’t be afraid to get creative and try different ingredients to add a personal touch to your dessert. 

Substituting Cream Cheese in Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake 

Cream cheese is the mainstay ingredient in most traditional cheesecakes, offering a creamy, smooth texture and a rich flavour. Yet, there are instances when you might need to consider an alternative, either due to dietary restrictions, personal preferences, or simply for a twist to the usual recipe. 

One popular substitute is Mascarpone, an Italian cream cheese. Mascarpone has a rich and buttery flavour with a smooth, creamy texture. However, it’s less tangy than cream cheese, which can slightly alter the flavour profile of your Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake. 

Ricotta is another cheese that you can use. Italian in origin, ricotta is lighter than cream cheese and has a subtle sweetness. For a cheesecake, it’s best to blend the ricotta until it’s smooth to emulate the cream cheese’s texture. 

Greek yogurt is a more health-conscious alternative and can be used in combination with other substitutes. It’s tangy and creamy, much like cream cheese. For best results, opt for full-fat Greek yogurt. 

Neufchatel cheese, native to France, is similar to cream cheese but with a lower fat content and a slightly grainier texture. It’s a suitable replacement if you’re looking to cut down on fat but retain a similar flavour profile. 

Remember, when using alternatives, the final texture and flavour of your Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake might vary from the traditional cream cheese-based recipe.  

Each cheese substitute brings a unique characteristic to the table. I encourage you to experiment and find the flavour and texture that suits your palate the best. Happy baking! 

Using Frozen Raspberries in Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake 

The vibrant flavour and colour of raspberries are what make a Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake truly unique. But what do you do when fresh raspberries are not in season or unavailable? The answer lies in frozen raspberries. 

Frozen raspberries are an excellent alternative to fresh ones. They are picked and frozen at peak ripeness, ensuring their flavour and nutrient content are well-preserved. This makes them a reliable choice regardless of the season. 

When using frozen raspberries in your cheesecake, they can be incorporated in two ways. You can choose to thaw them before pureeing. This prevents excess water from diluting the flavour of your raspberry swirl.  

Alternatively, you can puree them while still frozen, adding a bit of warmth to the mixture to compensate for the cold. 

Keep in mind that frozen raspberries might be a bit more tart than fresh ones, and adjust the sweetness of your raspberry swirl accordingly. Lastly, remember to sieve your raspberry puree to remove any seeds, whether you’re using fresh or frozen raspberries. 

Frozen raspberries provide the flexibility to enjoy a Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake anytime you crave it, even when fresh raspberries are hard to come by. So, don’t hesitate to substitute fresh raspberries with frozen ones.  

The result will still be a deliciously tangy, sweet, and visually appealing Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake. 

Preventing Cracks in Your Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake 

The sight of a crack in a freshly baked Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake can be disappointing. Cracks often occur due to temperature changes, overbaking, or a too-dry environment. However, there are methods I’ve adopted over the years to minimize this issue. 

Firstly, adding a bit of flour or corn-starch to your batter helps give it structure and prevents cracks. It’s a trick I’ve used countless times, and it works like a charm. The Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake recipe I’ve shared earlier includes this technique. 

Another important tip is to avoid overbaking. Cheesecakes are custards at heart, and they don’t require high heat. Overbaking not only leads to cracks but can also make your cheesecake dry. Hence, it’s crucial to set the right temperature and keep a close eye during baking. 

Using a water bath during baking is another tried-and-true method for crack-free cheesecakes. This method involves placing the cheesecake pan in a larger pan filled with hot water in the oven.  

The steam from the water keeps the oven moisture high, thereby preventing the top of the cheesecake from drying out and cracking. 

After baking, cooling the cheesecake gradually helps prevent sudden temperature shifts that can cause cracking. Turn off the oven and crack open the door, allowing the cheesecake to cool in the oven for an hour before taking it out. 

Lastly, remember that even if your cheesecake cracks, it’s still going to be delicious. In fact, a topping of extra raspberry swirl or fresh raspberries not only adds to the taste but also conveniently hides any imperfections. 

So don’t let the fear of cracks keep you from trying out the Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake recipe. With these tips in hand, you’re well on your way to creating a visually stunning and delicious dessert. 

The Best Type of Sugar for a Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake 

The choice of sugar in your Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake can have an impact on its taste and texture. Granulated sugar is my usual go-to for this recipe. It dissolves well into the cream cheese and does not alter the smooth texture of the cheesecake. 

Granulated sugar has a neutral flavour that does not overpower the other ingredients, allowing the cream cheese and raspberry flavours to shine through. It also balances out the tanginess of the cream cheese and sour cream. 

If you’re unable to find granulated sugar, caster sugar is an excellent alternative. It’s finer than granulated sugar and dissolves quicker, ensuring a smooth batter. 

Some might wonder about using brown sugar. While brown sugar can be used in cheesecakes, it carries a molasses-like flavour that can compete with the delicate balance of flavours in a Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake. 

Finally, while you can experiment with various sweeteners like honey or maple syrup, keep in mind that they may alter the texture and flavour of your cheesecake. They could also affect the baking time due to their liquid nature. 

Granulated sugar or its close substitute, caster sugar, work best for a Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake. They help achieve a balanced sweetness and maintain the creamy texture that makes this dessert a crowd-pleaser. 

Making Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake without Sour Cream 

Sour cream is a common ingredient in cheesecakes, contributing to their smooth texture and slight tang. However, if you’re out of sour cream or want to try a different variation of your Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake, there are viable alternatives you can use. 

Greek yogurt is one such substitute. Similar to sour cream, it’s tangy and thick, which makes it an excellent replacement. Full-fat Greek yogurt is your best bet as it matches the richness of sour cream. 

Another option is crème fraîche. This French dairy product is similar to sour cream but with a higher fat content and a less tangy flavour. It lends a creamy and smooth texture to the cheesecake. 

You could also use buttermilk. It has the tangy flavour that’s needed, but it’s thinner in consistency. If you opt for buttermilk, consider reducing other liquid ingredients in the recipe to balance the consistency. 

Lastly, you can make your own sour cream at home. It’s surprisingly simple to do – all you need is fresh cream and a bit of lemon juice. Simply mix the two, let them sit at room temperature for about 24 hours, and voila – homemade sour cream is ready! 

So while sour cream adds a special touch to a Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake, it’s not an absolute necessity. Feel free to experiment with the alternatives I’ve mentioned and find the one that you like the best. 

Remember, baking is a science but also an art. It’s about knowing when you can substitute or eliminate an ingredient and when you need to stick to the script. And in the case of sour cream in a Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake, there’s room for improvisation! 

Why Your Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake May Not Set Properly 

One of the most common issues I’ve encountered when baking cheesecakes is that sometimes they don’t set properly. This can be due to various factors ranging from the ingredients used to the baking and cooling process. 

One reason could be that the cream cheese wasn’t beaten enough. Cream cheese needs to be beaten until it’s completely smooth before the other ingredients are added. This helps incorporate air and makes sure the cheesecake sets properly. 

Another potential issue could be over or under baking. If a cheesecake is undercooked, it will not set and could remain runny in the middle. On the other hand, if it’s overcooked, it can become too dry and firm.  

Remember, a cheesecake continues to cook even after it’s removed from the oven due to the residual heat, so it’s best to take it out when the centre is still slightly wobbly. 

The cooling process is also critical for a cheesecake to set properly. Rapid temperature changes can prevent the cheesecake from setting. Thus, it’s advisable to let the cheesecake cool down in the oven with the door slightly open before removing it. 

Lastly, if the recipe proportions were not followed accurately, it could impact the final result. For example, if there’s too much sugar or not enough eggs, it can prevent the cheesecake from setting. 

Baking a perfect Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake is a delicate balance of getting the right ingredients, following the recipe accurately, and ensuring optimal baking and cooling conditions. 

Making a Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake Gluten-Free 

Gluten-free baking can often be a challenge, but I assure you that adapting my Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake recipe to be gluten-free is entirely feasible and will still yield a delicious result. 

The main area to address is the crust, which is traditionally made with graham crackers. To make this gluten-free, you can opt for gluten-free graham crackers, which are now widely available in stores and online.  

Alternatively, you can use gluten-free cookies, such as gluten-free shortbread or gluten-free vanilla wafers. When crushed and mixed with butter, they make an excellent crust for cheesecakes. 

If you want to get a little creative, a crust made from ground nuts, such as almonds or pecans, not only fits the gluten-free criteria but also adds a delightful crunch and flavour to the cheesecake. Simply blend the nuts until they resemble breadcrumbs, mix with melted butter, and press into the bottom of your pan. 

As for the rest of the recipe, the good news is that the filling of a cheesecake is naturally gluten-free. Cream cheese, sugar, eggs, sour cream – none of these ingredients contain gluten. Similarly, the raspberry swirl made from fresh raspberries and sugar is also gluten-free. 

Therefore, making a gluten-free Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake is as simple as swapping out the traditional crust for a gluten-free alternative. With this small adjustment, you can enjoy a creamy, tangy, and sweet cheesecake that fits within your dietary needs. 

Gluten-free baking doesn’t have to be daunting or complicated. With a few clever swaps and adjustments, you can enjoy all your favourite treats, including this Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake. 

Adding Additional Flavours to Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake 

A Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake is a classic dessert that’s loved for its combination of sweet, tangy, and creamy flavours. While it’s perfect in its simplicity, there’s plenty of room to get creative and add your own twist. 

One way to incorporate additional flavours is through the crust. Using flavoured cookies instead of plain graham crackers can add an unexpected taste. For example, ginger cookies would add a spicy note that contrasts beautifully with the sweet-tangy raspberry. 

Adding spices to the cheesecake filling can also create a delightful flavour profile. A bit of cinnamon or nutmeg can bring warmth and depth. Or try adding a bit of lemon or orange zest for a citrusy punch that complements the raspberry swirl. 

You can also experiment with the raspberry swirl itself. How about adding some finely chopped fresh mint for a refreshing undertone? Or perhaps you could infuse the raspberry puree with a bit of lavender or rose for a floral twist. 

Lastly, the topping is another opportunity to incorporate additional flavours. Whipped cream flavoured with vanilla or almond extract, a drizzle of chocolate sauce, or even a sprinkle of crushed pistachios or toasted coconut – the possibilities are endless. 

However, remember that balance is key. The additional flavours should complement, not overpower, the cream cheese and raspberry. Start with small amounts, taste as you go, and adjust accordingly. 

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake. Baking is a form of self-expression, and experimenting with flavours is part of the fun. So go ahead, add your own twist, and make the recipe truly yours. 

Using a Different Fruit for the Swirl in the Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake 

If raspberries aren’t your cup of tea or if you’re simply looking for a change, you can definitely use a different fruit for the swirl in the Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake. The beauty of a cheesecake lies in its versatility – with its smooth, creamy, and neutral base, it’s a blank canvas that can take on various flavours. 

One of the most straightforward substitutions would be strawberries. Like raspberries, strawberries have a natural tartness that balances the sweetness of the cheesecake. You can make a strawberry puree just as you would make the raspberry puree and proceed with the recipe as usual. 

Blueberries also make an excellent choice. The mild, sweet flavour of blueberries complements the tanginess of the cheesecake beautifully. Plus, the deep blue swirls against the creamy cheesecake create a striking visual contrast. 

If you’re in the mood for something exotic, you can try a mango swirl. The tropical, sweet flavour of mango provides a lovely contrast to the cream cheese. Plus, a mango swirl gives the cheesecake a summery touch that’s perfect for warm weather. 

Peaches or apricots could also be used, especially when they’re in season. These fruits add a delightful sweetness and a subtle tang to the cheesecake. 

In essence, most fruits that can be pureed can be used to make a swirl in the cheesecake. Just make sure to adjust the amount of sugar depending on the sweetness of the fruit. 

Remember, the key to a successful fruit swirl cheesecake is balance. The fruit shouldn’t overpower the cream cheese, but it should have a strong enough flavour to make its presence known. So don’t be afraid to experiment and find the perfect fruit for your cheesecake swirl! 

Storing Leftover Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake 

If you’re lucky enough to have leftover Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake, you’ll want to store it properly to maintain its flavour and freshness. Cheesecake is a perishable dessert due to its high dairy content, so it needs to be refrigerated. 

To store leftover cheesecake in the refrigerator, let it cool completely. Then, cover it tightly with plastic wrap or aluminium foil to prevent it from drying out. You can also transfer individual slices to airtight containers. Stored this way, the cheesecake should last for up to a week. 

If you wish to keep the cheesecake for a longer period, you can freeze it. To freeze, first let the cheesecake cool completely. Wrap the cheesecake tightly with plastic wrap, then a layer of aluminium foil.  

This prevents freezer burn and preserves the cheesecake’s taste and texture. Properly stored, frozen cheesecake can last for up to 3 months. 

To defrost, move the cheesecake from the freezer to the refrigerator and let it thaw overnight. It’s important to thaw it slowly to prevent the cheesecake from becoming too soggy. 

Whether you’re storing your Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake in the refrigerator or the freezer, remember to take it out a little while before serving. This allows the cheesecake to come to near-room temperature, which is the ideal state for enjoying its rich, creamy texture and flavour. 

With proper storage, you can extend the shelf-life of your Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake and continue enjoying this delightful dessert for days and even months after you’ve made it. 

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If you loved my Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake, I promise you, there are a few more delightful creations you might want to lay your hands on! These recipes are designed to satisfy your sweet tooth, just like the Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake did. 

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I’m thrilled to share these creations with you. So, get your oven mitts ready, put on your favourite apron, and let’s make some scrumptious desserts! And don’t forget to let me know in the comments how they turn out. I can’t wait to hear about your dessert-making adventures! 

Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake

Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake

by Nabeela Kauser
Indulge in a slice of creamy and decadent raspberry swirl cheesecake, a timeless classic with a fruity twist. This dessert brings together the richness of cream cheese with a burst of raspberry flavour.
5 from 5 votes
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour
Setting Time 4 hours
Total Time 5 hours 20 minutes
Course Baking, Dessert
Cuisine American, Western
Servings 8
Calories 605 kcal


  • 200 g Digestive Biscuits
  • 100 g Butter Melted
  • 500 g Cream Cheese
  • 200 g Sugar
  • 15 g Plain Flour
  • 3 Eggs
  • 150 g Sour Cream
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 150 g Raspberries
  • 2 tbsp Raspberry Jam


  • Preheat your oven to 160 degrees Celsius and line a 20 cm round cake tin with baking paper.
  • Crush the digestive biscuits into a fine powder and combine them with the melted butter, then press the mixture into the bottom of your prepared tin.
  • In a separate bowl, combine the cream cheese, sugar, and flour. Mix until smooth and well blended.
  • Add the eggs one at a time, ensuring each egg is well incorporated before adding the next.
  • Add the sour cream and vanilla extract. Mix well until smooth and creamy.
  • Pour the cream cheese mixture over the biscuit base in the cake tin.
  • In a blender, puree the raspberries and raspberry jam. Then drizzle this mixture over the cream cheese layer, using a knife to gently swirl it into the cream cheese to create a marbled effect.
  • Bake for 1 hour or until set and the centre is slightly jiggly. Let the cheesecake cool in the oven with the door open, then refrigerate for at least 4 hours or overnight before serving.


Nutritional facts:
The provision of nutritional information is done so merely as a courtesy and should not be taken as a guarantee.


Calories: 605kcalCarbohydrates: 56gProtein: 9gFat: 40gSaturated Fat: 22gTrans Fat: 0.4gCholesterol: 162mgSodium: 437mgPotassium: 210mgFibre: 2gSugar: 38gVitamin A: 1364IUVitamin C: 6mgVitamin D: 0.3µgCalcium: 117mgIron: 2mg
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